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Release Notes - 22 August 2017


Bug fixes:

  1.  Scheduled reports were rendering and sending out blank - the issue is now fixed
  2.  Tasks failed to be re-ordered - the issue is now fixed on Task Group, Scheduled Tasks, and Work Order Tasks
  3. Amazon part search was returning blank results.This is now fixed. Happy shopping!


 Consolidated Asset Reports:

 We've made it easier to find the metrics you want

 We condensed the 61 asset reports down to 17 reports. You will find 14  list reports, 1 graph reports and 2 Excel dump reports.

 Don’t worry, you did not lose any records - all we did was consolidate the reports so there are no duplicates.

If you have trouble locating one of your previous closed work order reports, reach out to support@fiixsoftware.com

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