Release Notes - 26 July 2017


Display time filter value in widgets - There are two kinds of time filter for users to configure a given widget in the new dashboard:

  1. Time Period - this refers to for Last 30/60/90 days, Today and For this week/month)
  2. Since - this refers to since a calendar date


Now all widgets with either time filter display the selected filter value to directly reflect widget configuration.


Schedule compliance query enhancement - The schedule compliance calculation takes into account of all overdue scheduled work orders regardless of their completion status. The end result is that overdue incomplete work order now accurately and negatively affect the schedule compliance metrics.

For more information on Scheduled Compliance go here:


Consolidated Closed Work Order Reports - We've made it easier to find the metrics you want.

We condensed the 44 closed work order reports down to 15 reports. You will find 4 list reports, 8 graph reports and 3 Excel dump reports.

Don’t worry, you did not lose any records - all we did was consolidate the reports so there are no duplicates.

If you have trouble locating one of your previous closed work order reports, reach out to


Misc. bug fixes:


-Parts records on Current Stock modal disappear after searching issue - the issue is now fixed.

RFQ pagination issue - Some users were not able to see records after the first 100 RFQs. The issue is now fixed.

Dashboard editing issue - specifically non-admin users with multiple dashboard permissions and multiple dashboard tabs could not edit the second tab issue. The issue is now fixed.

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