Release Notes 11-June-2017

New Features

1. Customizable dashboard - At FIIX, we understand that you need to be able to capitalize on the data captured in your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) without having to hunt for the right metrics to track and the systems to interpret them. So we built a new dashboard to easily deliver the metrics that matter most to you. Read more here.




1. System freezes when saving task groups  with a large amount of tasks, or associated scheduled maintenance entities. 

Fix - Algorithm optimized to ensure saving action happens within seconds.

2. Upgrade password handling to current best-practices password hashing algorithms. 

3. Branding logo cannot be changed from the CMMS. When a logo is uploaded, it does not appear in the CMMS or on reports. 

Fix - Issue resolved. CMMS system admins can now upload their logo to the CMMS to replace the standard default FIIX logo.

 4. Timezone issue on iReports - system introducing a 24 hour offset due to some legacy code. 

Fix - 24 hour offset removed. CMMS users can now run reports to the minute with accurate results. 

5. Slow asset import caused by circular asset locations.

Fix - CMMS now detects for circular relationships between assets during asset import.

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