Customizing the Dashboard

Dashboard Roles.

When you first login to your CMMS, your default dashboard view is based on dashboard roles, rather than your user group permissions.


Administrators can set the dashboard roles by going into:


-CMMS Settings

-Dashboard Permissions





Once in “Dashboard Permissions”, administrators can choose between the four dashboard roles: Administrator, manager, purchasing and technician.


Role permissions

Administrators and managers can:

  • Add dashboard tabs
  • Add and edit widgets


Purchasing and technicians can:

  • Add and edit widgets


Any new custom user groups will come with default technician-level roles.


Dashboard Type Maps To Can Add Dashboard Tabs Can Add Widgets Can Edit Widgets
Administrator Administrator User Group

Manager Manager User  Group

Purchasing Purchasing User Group  


Technician Group

(This is the default for all custom made user groups)





Configuration Mode


To change the size of your widgets and add new widgets, you need to enter configuration mode.


You can do this by:

1. Clicking the gear icon near the top right side of the Fiix dashboard.Screen_Recording_2017-07-05_at_04.11_PM.gif

(Pressing the same icon exits Configuration Mode)



While in Configuration Mode you can


1.Resize Widgets

 Resize Widgets by dragging the blue triangle that appears on the bottom hand corner of every widget.



2. Rearrange Widget positions

Drag and drop icons to your preferred location by clicking and holding the light grey/upper portion of the widget, and dragging it to your desired position.



Don't forget to save once you’re done.

Add new Widgets

To add new widgets:

-Click the “Add Widget” button while on configuration mode

-Select a widget from the list

-Click “Save” to populate the widget with data

For a complete list and description of widgets see the “List of widgets” article






If you try to exit the configuration mode without saving you will get the message below



Anytime before pressing save, you can cancel your changes by clicking the “Cancel” button followed by the “Proceed” button.Image_2017-07-05_at_4.22.09_PM.png



Dashboard Tabs


Users with the administrator or manager dashboard roles can add tabs that can be customized and renamed. These allow you to add a whole new page or tab within your dashboard.


A new tab might have widgets and filters that differ from the built-in ones.


To add a new dashboard tab:

-Click on the plus button next to your current dashboard.

-Choose the tab template (administrator or technician).

-Admin users with multi-site can also choose whether they want the information for a single site that they have the permissions for. This can be changed at any time.

-To rename the new tab, enter configuration mode and change the tab name as below.

-Click “Save”.




 Adding Custom Filters

Each widget has a hidden gear wheel on the top right-hand corner, which will appear if you hover over the individual boxes with your mouse.



This gear box, when clicked, gives you the ability to configure the widgets filters.

Depending on the widget, you will be able to filter by user, group, priority, maintenance type, asset, asset category, status, and reason.


For a full list of widgets and filter types, read the “List of Widgets” article


In the example below, I have my Marysville site and I want to see the overdue work orders for just my senior technicians.

-Hover over the widget

-Click the hidden gear on the top left-hand corner of the widget box

-Select “User Groups”

- I start typing to get a list of possible matches

-Select “Senior Technicians”

The data is now available.

It’s important to note that the filter chosen is persistent, which means I can leave the dashboard page, navigate elsewhere and even log out of Fiix and the software automatically remembers the last filter value.












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