Navigating the dashboard

The dashboard is the first thing you see when you log into your Fiix CMMS.  You can navigate back to it anytime by clicking on the “Dashboard” link from the left-hand menu.




When you first login, you will see your default dashboard. How this looks is dependent on your user group but can be customised by your Administrator or Manager.


The example below shows an administrator dashboard.




The dashboard is made up of customizable, resizable boxes that we call widgets.  

You can customize and configure each KPI widget by hovering over the individual boxes, and clicking the gear icon that appears.



Depending on the widget, you will be able to filter by parameters such as user, group, priority, maintenance type, asset, asset category, status and reason.



The right-hand side of the dashboard contains an overview of your existing work order backlog. This is broken down into this week's work orders and scheduled maintenance, as well as unscheduled,  pending and overdue work orders.


You can click on any of these work order listings to go straight to the individual work order or scheduled maintenance page.





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