Managing parts returns (adjusting receipts)


This procedure demonstrates how receipts can be adjusted to reflect full or partial parts returns. It also identifies the adjustments needed if the part was used on a Work Order prior to being returned to the vendor.


Situation 1: Returning a part (i.e. defective)

1.  Open the PO that corresponds to the part needing to be returned. The status of the PO will most likely be in the "order fulfilled" or a similar state, as it was already received prior to being returned.


2.  Check off the radio button with the part needing to be returned, and select "receipts associated to this PO".


3. Delete the previously created receipt associated to the PO by hovering over the row item and selecting the trash can icon.


 4. Confirm your intention to reverse the return of the part item by selecting "OK" within the dialog box.


 5. Now that the received quantity has been adjusted to zero, select the "Back to draft" option to return the PO to its initial state.


6. if you do not wish to reorder the part, select "Cancel the Purchase Order".


7. The PO is now in the cancelled state, and the corresponding part receipt adjusted, so that the part quantity in stock now reflects the return.


Situation 2: Partial parts returns (i.e. ordered too many)

1.  Open the PO that corresponds to the part needing to be partially returned to the vendor. In this example, we will return four bottles of Engine Oil from the ten that were previously received.


2.  Check the corresponding parts radio button, and select "Receipts Associated with this PO". 


3.  Delete the previously created receipt associated to the part by hovering over the row item, and selecting the trash can icon.


4. The PO will now reflect that no parts were received and now it is time to make the adjustment.


5. Check the radio button for the corresponding part again, and select "receive checked items".


6. Adjust the quantity received to the actual quantity that is still in your stock, and select "Receive".


7. Select "Save" when finished.


8. The quantity received now reflects the quantity that is in your stock.


Situation 3: Returning a part that was already consumed on a Work Order

(i.e. part replacement didn't fix issue, need to return)

1. Open the corresponding work order where the part was consumed and navigate to the parts tab.


2. Select the parts row item. 


3. Adjust the 'actual quantity used' to zero to reflect that the part has been taken away from the Work Order.   Select "Ok" after adjustment has been made.


4. Ensure that the part was put back into stock via the Work Log.


5. Save the Work Order


6. Repeat steps 1-7 above for "Situation 1:- Returning a Part" to reflect that the part was taken out of stock and returned to vendor. 



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