Should you use QR codes or barcodes?

FIIX mobile app supports both barcodes and QR code scanning. Both formats have their own advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Existing barcodes on the equipment, tool or part could be used if they conform to one of the 8 supported barcode types
  2. Barcodes can be printed independently and associated with assets after the fact. That means you can order a roll of compatible barcodes before you start implementing FIIX.
  3. Barcodes can be reused and re-assigned to other assets
  4. Barcodes can be ordered online from the many asset tags provider. Simply Google "Asset Tags" to find a vendor near you. Fiix's recommendation is to try a sample in the planned operating environment before committing to a large order. Review the important notice for those printing barcodes and QR codes before ordering.
  5. When barcodes are damaged even slightly, you may lose the ability to scan the barcode. However, you can quickly assign another barcode # to the asset record.

QR Codes

  1. QR codes are generated by FIIX and associated with the asset, as the asset record is created.
  2. If you have a dirty environment, you may need to order durable labels from a third party. If so, you must build out your asset hierarchy before you order those labels.  
  3. QR codes are not transferrable to other assets.
  4. QR codes are more likely to be scannable even with slight damage.
  5. A QR code is capable of being read in 360 degrees, from any direction, thus eliminating any interference and negative effects from backgrounds.

FIIX's Recommendation

  1. If you have a clean environment, then use QR codes. You can print and reprint QR codes as required using your label printers. 
  2. In a dirty environment or an environment where codes can get damaged, you'll most likely have to order durable foil or metal plates. In this case, barcodes are the preferred choice. If a barcode gets damaged, you can assign another barcode from your barcode roll to the asset.
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